Emilio Zavattini, Università di Trieste
Recent results from the PVLAS experiment: observation of a linear birefringence of Vacuum caused by the presence of a magnetic field

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Giuseppe Ruoso, INFN – LNL
Gas measurements in the PVLAS experiment

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Guido Zavattini, Università di Ferrara
Testing the particle interpretation of the PVLAS results

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Konstantin Zioutas, Università di Patrasso
Solar ~Axions

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The direct search for solar axions with CAST and other experiments will be presented. Fundamental solar problems insisting since decades are suggestive for a new scenario. Accumulated observational evidence favours the exciting axions or other objects with similarly exotic properties as the common solution. Then, experiments like CAST, PVLAS, etc. are already at work also elsewhere.

Eduard Massó, Univ. Autonoma di Barcellona
PVLAS and the stars

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I discuss the PVLAS results at the light of the astrophysical constraints on axion-like particles. I propose some particle physics models where those constraints are evaded. The connection with CAST will be touched upon.

Carlo Rizzo, Università di Tolosa
The BMV project

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The BMV (Biréfringence Magnétique du Vide) project is based on very intense pulsed magnetic fields, developed at LNCMP, and a very sensitive optical device to detect the effects induced on a laser beam by such fields. This research activity have been developed in Toulouse, France, by two institutes (LCAR-IRSAMC, LNCMP), in collaboration with the LMA-VIRGO of Lyon, France. Our goal is to assemble a first version of our experience in 2006, and to obtain first results in 2007. We also plan to use our pulsed magnet at the LULI (Laboratoire pour l'Utilisation des Lasers Intenses) in Paris to perform a photon regeneration experiment.

Giovanni Cantatore, Università di Trieste
Summary for the discussion

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